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"The serene and discreet elegance, which is the key word of many of our productions ranging from upholstered furniture to bookcases, from lights to chairs, living systems, bathroom and kitchen ... We have translated it into purity, balance of lines and shapes, lightness and airiness. Probably our more feminine side translates into a sweet, soft, but also contemporary, pragmatic sign.“

Bernhardt-Vella was founded in 2008 by the German designer Ellen Bernhardt and the Italian interior designer Paola Vella. The firm is based in Milan.

Their starting point is research as a maieutic process, they take cues that can come from the art world, from the masters of the past as well as from architecture, and from this starting point they create their style, a recognizable style, but always personal.


"When we start to think of a new project we think of it by projecting it into a hypothetical space. Working often on projects of different scale, from the object to the booths and houses, it is natural to think about the use of the object or vice versa. We like to create surprising contrasts: experimenting with color in all its facets, neon light with antique paintings, precious fabrics with industrial resin, and antique furniture with extravagant plants."


Therefore they prefer flexible products that can blend and cohabit in harmony with other pieces of different eras. To achieve this goal they discuss and work with four hands, amplifying the creative leverage that derives from their different cultural backgrounds.


"Working with leading companies in the sector, we are encouraged to find highly performing ergonomic lighting solutions. Without, however, renouncing to give attention to details. For example, brass, glass, etc. appears like an embroidery or an insert to create a precious, noble sign, almost a reference to history and the patina of time."

Tel: +39 02 36754345

Corso Monforte 43

20122 Milano

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